Two Hours In - Manuel Mazzanti Photography

While traveling through the different islands of the Caribbean and observing the dynamics between the tourists and local residents I felt immediately urged to tell a story that for sure goes overlooked by most of the people enjoying their vacations in secluded resorts, private beaches and fancy shops through out the region.

The photographic narrative tells a story of popular destinations in the Caribbean and its people that in many ways were slowly left behind by a legacy of social an economic systems that still prevails in the area since the moment the first spanish conquistadores arrived and it can still be seen and perceived today. Poverty and chronic underdevelopment.  A reality that started with slave plantation systems applied to agriculture and it was similarly replicated after WWII to other areas, such as manufacture, oil, mining, tourism.

As a traveller photographer I felt compelled to capture those sentiments and reflect them in a series of street portraits from each island I visited.

knowing that a Two Hours time frame in each place wouldn’t be long enough, I challenged myself to walk those two hours as much as I could, to find and talk to local residents and capture their first glance expressions. I could find different degrees of sadness, frustration, poverty, nostalgia, and a lot of smiles of course. But there was one thing they all shared in common, regardless the location, their desire of a better and prosperous life.

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